#Scorpio ~ #Horoscope January 2017 ~ What MY Stars say...

Scorpios! That's me! Including the sting in the tail...at times!

Many of us read daily or monthly horoscopes...don't we? I do too!

Since Jonathan Cainer's passing, Oscar Cainer has taken over writing our daily horoscopes. I thought I would share what Oscar has to say today about we Scorpios (born between 24th October - November 22).

Do you take what astrologers have to say with a pinch of salt? Or, do you believe what the heavenly stars have in store? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments box, below.

Meanwhile, here's the year ahead 'scope for we Scorpios...2017 If you believe what Oscar Cainer has to say, that is.

"A WISE man once told me that, contrary to popular belief, money does grow on trees." Well, wouldn't that be marvellous if that were the case? says I! "It's just that it doesn't land in your lap like windfall apples. You have to pick it. Given that he spent much of his life as a fruit picker in exotic lands, he had plenty of experience to validate his theory."

Oscar went on to say, "I'm not here to say that you ought to trade in your current job to pick the kumquats  of Indo-china, or harvest melons on the African continent. But perhaps a change is needed to allow you to feel as if you're making the most of your opportunities."

Are you still with me, so far? Hope so, as there's much more... Well, it is a year's prediction, after all.

"Disruption is not an enviable gateway to chaos. Letting go of a way of life doesn't mean losing control of your destiny, and leaving your fortunes up to chance. This year (2017) Jupiter's adventurous spirit and pioneering urge for growth can drive a rebirth as you're recognised for being an influential and insightful communicator. It's opposition with Uranus can herald the breakthrough you have searched for in your working life. This, in turn, becomes the source of new power in your life."

And here's the final part by Oscar...

"Your voice will matter more, your input will be valued and your perspective sought. If you can control your deep instincts, listen to your heart and pursue your endeavours with the right intensity, there is no prize, financial or otherwise, that hangs on a branch beyond your reach."

Well, thank you Oscar Cainer. The New Year doesn't sound too bad at all. Does it?

So, dear readers, what say you? Polite answers only, please, in the comments below. Thank you!

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Oh, and buy a book while you're there... Happy New Year, have a Fabby 2017

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