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First things first... Happy New Year, all! 'Tis 2017 already. Where has the time gone?

Time to put the Christmas hat away for another year (thank you Devon Pixels)

Balloons have finally deflated!

 And now...where was I? Oh yes... It's strange how heading into the New Year, 2017 already, that many of us briefly travel back in time. Or maybe it's an age thing. For I often time-travel back to my youth: in my head, of course! If only...I'd done this, that, differently! Mmm, mmm!

 Like most little girls, I was obsessed with dolls, prams, and dressing up in my nurse's uniform. And...making my mum drink tea from my pink plastic doll's tea-set. I watched, no stared, as she reluctantly sipped cold (real) tea from my little plastic cup. I remember it well. Sorry mum, if you're reading this from your final resting place in the sky. Must have tasted pretty awful. Not once did I drink it...

However, books...I loved listening to stories...looking at pop-up books... Can't beat the smell of an old book! A place a child can disappear into a magical world of make believe. And that's why I write children's books today.

One of my best memories, however, is the bumpy bus ride to our local library. My older brother took me to choose our library books each Saturday morning. I vividly recall John shoving me in through the door...the library seemed so big back then. A further shove on my little shoulder sent me in the direction of adventure books for five-year-olds. I remember John choosing Biggle's books, while my favourite authors were Enid Blyton. Lewis Carroll. Charles Dickens. I'm still fascinated by The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I remember my ole dad reading aloud the story about the little matchstick girl when I was only five or six. The story has stayed with me ever since. Memories of pastimes are so precious.

I was born in Somerset, England, and now I'm delighted to say I live by the sea, in Devon. I'm often asked where I go for my holiday... 'I'm on holiday every day' is my reply. The very same place I was inspired to write about a herring gull I called, Eric Seagull. You can visit my Amazon Author Page, here! The Adventures of Eric Seagull 'Storyteller' series

Have you ever had a Light Bulb Moment? Love to hear from you in the comments, below.

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