Reflection #AtoZ Challenge, 2016

The A to Z blogging has been completed for April 2016. I was involved...were you? Did you manage to complete the Challenge? It's a time for many of us to get some sleep, rest, no more checking to see if my posts are scheduled, and working on time. No more getting up early in the morning to view the next Letter of the Alphabet, or visit as many other contestants as possible, leaving comments, and of course leaving a 'calling card' with links back to mine. 

It's a time to reflect...time to leisurely catch up visiting other blogs I didn't find time to visit during April. A time for continued friendship as I follow new friends from all over the world via their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Caz's World of Pins at Pinterest

A to Z 2016 Gear! Get Yours Today!
Determination and a desire to Win!
I did it! I completed the 2016, Challenge!

Caz is off to claim her Winners T-Shirt!

And now, it's time for me to begin the first chapter of my new book. A new adventure, set in Brixham Bay, England. 

Thank you for following.

Jelly Beans ~ A little of what you fancy...

I wouldn't say that I've got a particularly sweet tooth. If anything, I prefer a savoury snack. However, a couple of days ago I had the strongest urge to treat myself to a bag of jelly beans.

My thoughts had returned to a day in 1981 when I bought my daughter, Claire, 4ozs (ounces) of these sweeties while I waited for her outside her infant school. the time she'd arrived at my car that I'd parked just up the road from the school gates, the bag of beans had mysteriously reduced to about 2ozs. And no, I didn't confess my crime of nicking her sweets, even though I bought them for her, until she reached 36 years old and a mother herself to my two fabulous grandchildren. I've always been proud of my ability to keep secrets for years upon years.

My pot of jelly beans with its pretty pink plastic lid.
 No less than 36 flavours

How did my carton of jelly beans compare to those I bought my little girl aged 4 in 1981? Well, these taste far better. And no doubt I shall be adding more than one pot to my online grocery shop. Thankfully, I did buy husband Geoff a pot. Good thing I did. He's impressed with this little bean too. Bursting with flavours...all 36 of them.

The story behind the bean...

'The creation of father and son team, Peter and Richard Cullen. Their gourmet beans have 100 per cent Natural flavours. More fun, more flavours, more reasons to be happy.' 'Tis written on the side of the pot.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Z for Zzzzzzzzzz's as we reach the end of the #A2Z Challenge, 2016

 As most things in life begin...

As we reach the end of this Challenge...
'I made it to the end'

And now,
we reach the end of the A to Z Challenge, 2016
with Letter

After 26 days during the month of April 
with no less than
26 blogs...
One blog written on each day 
using letters of the alphabet...

with the most amazing viewers, readers, bloggers from across the globe, who took time to drop by, add a few nice comments along the way, and share so others could enjoy the journey...

A rose from my garden for each and everyone of you
 Gotta have balloons to celebrate
And birthday cake o'course! For completing the Challenge.
and more cake with my lovely daughter, Claire

and a drop of bubbly before wishing you all a very goodnight...

Goodnight y'all. God Bless!

My thoughts for the weekend!

Nighty, night y'all!
and thank you all for making my A2Z Challenge, 2016 so very special.

Y for Yacht #A2Z Challenge, 2016

I’m taking part in the
A-Z April Blog Challenge
Join me every day (except Sundays)
throughout April for the
next letter in the alphabet!

Nearing the end of the Challenge
with the Letter

is for...

An enormous thank you to everyone for dropping by Caz's Yacht ~ most days ~ during the annual A-Z Challenge. Time to celebrate!

A sail around Brixham Bay...

And then...a fairytale reading of The Adventures of Eric Seagull 'Story-teller'

 for our younger viewers, you understand.

Followed by...

And then...

A Devon Cream Tea...
followed by...

and a special rose for you all from my sunny terrace

and a celebration cake, thanks to my lovely daughter, Claire.

and a very large one for me... cheers all.

Thank you all...
 A huge thank you from me for your continued support.

X for X-ray #A2Z Challenge 2016

I’m taking part in the
A-Z April Blog Challenge
Join me every day (except Sundays)
throughout April for the
next letter in the alphabet!

X is the 24th letter of the alphabet, which means ... we are almost done with the Challenge! Thank you for following Caz's personal challenge...

is for

(A short post today...well, I've been out to lunch)

And most of us have had one of these during our life; either at the hospital or the dentist.

I remember a nurse peeping round the screen when I'd been for a chest X-ray. 'Oh, you're still wearing your necklace.' 

My gold cross and chain necklace showed up on the X-ray. The concerned nurse checked I hadn't swallowed it!

Catch up tomorrow for the Letter Y...

 A huge thank you from me for dropping by today.

W for Wooden Car #A2Z Challenge, 22016

I’m taking part in the
A-Z April Blog Challenge
Join me every day (except Sundays)
throughout April for the
next letter in the alphabet!

Something different on each Letter of the alphabet! Thank you for following.

is for...
Wooden car

You may remember I posted U for Unicycle...a couple of blogs ago. Well, family friend, John, who built that from bike parts, also built his wooden car that came in kit form. Clever or what! It's used daily, reliable, and I'm told very comfy; though I've never actually been a passenger in it. The photos here are quite explanatory. 

Big thank you to John for supplying his own photos of his wooden car for my blog, today.

 A huge thank you from me for dropping by today.

Violets #A2Z Challenge, 2016

I’m taking part in the
A-Z April Blog Challenge
Join me every day (except Sundays)
throughout April for the
next letter in the alphabet!

Something different on each Letter of the alphabet! Only a few left now.

is for...

(Wild Violet Flowers)

As many of you who have been following my blogs will know, I'm a keen gardener and adore beautiful flowers. I prefer to grow plants that magically come back every year. I have many favourites, and Wild Violets (Viola odorata) just happen to grow well in my borders. They have heart-shaped leaves with purple-blue flowers. Some varieties also have white or yellow blooms.

Violas (same family) are so delicate and beautiful
 Violets (darker in colour) have such lovely deep purple flower

Although in some areas they are considered annuals or biennials, wild violets often self-seed, coming back each year in unexpected locations.

The flowers that are low on the plant, referred to as cleistogamous flowers, do not open but instead produce and house seeds, allowing the plant to readily reproduce. The only downside to this attribute is the fact that wild violets have a tendency to be invasive ~ popping up nearly everywhere, if not controlled with some type of barrier. But I quite like the fact that they spread like that. They fill lots of gaps in the soil.

Light mauve violets

Wild violet plants also spread through underground rhizomes. I find growing violets easy and with care they have many uses in the garden. Wild violets make great accents around trees, near water sources, and beds. They also make excellent choices for instant ground cover in a shady garden. I also grow them in containers.

Both the leaves and flowers (which bloom in late winter and early spring) are also edible and rich in vitamins. Though I have, as yet, to try any.

Violets can be planted nearly anytime throughout spring and autumn/fall, though early spring is preferable. These plants enjoy light shade but will also thrive in sunny locations. 

While they tolerate many soil types, wild violets prefer soil that is moist, yet well-draining, and rich in organic matter.

When growing violets, other than watering following planting and occasional watering throughout the growing season, wild violet flowers require very little care. These resilient little plants tend to take care of themselves. Oh joy to any gardener, like me.

Cutting the flower stalks back can help alleviate problems with spurting seeds. If you choose to propagate wild violets you can divide established plants in spring or autumn/fall, though their self-seeding capabilities make this unnecessary. Seeds can also be collected and then sown in autumn/fall either indoors or in a cold frame. I collect seeds regularly during walks round my sunny terrace. Keeping them in a large envelope in a dry place.

 A huge thank you from me for dropping by today.