God's Paintbrush of many colours

 My yellow rose...from my garden. And my favourite

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#Dog Lovers ~ Meet my cocker spaniels. My Besties!

Meet my girls, beautiful!

With their 'Aunty Claire' at Christmas

Not so sure about my Bubblegum (new) crocs!

Christmas gifts from the Dog Salon

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Brixham Bay, England

#January ~ take a little time for YOU during winter

I'm always on the look out for new quotes. They fascinate me. I came across this one the other day, and decided to share it today. 'Tis one of my favourites.

As a S.A.D sufferer, I find the winter months a huge struggle. Half way through January, and at long last we see the hours of daylight gradually getting longer. Waiting for the return of the longer days causes many of us extreme anxiety, and/or winter depression. Each day I notice more and more extra minutes of daylight: brings a smile to my face, I can tell you.

At this time of year, especially when the sun puts in an appearance, I make a conscious effort to get outside and top up the serotonin that my brain so lacks during winter. I ignore the wash basket, the ironing, vacuuming, and so on. Fortunately, I have two cocker spaniels: having dogs makes sure I get out and about. Except when it's raining, that is. My older dog, now 11 years old, hates going out in the rain. Something I'm rather pleased about. I avoid walking in the rain whenever possible. So, I don't feel any guilt about NOT dog-walking in rainy weather.

A sunny photo I took on a brighter day near where I live, by the sea.

I find that when I'm confined to the house during these darker and often rainy days, I play music: even when I'm writing or editing my latest WIP ~ work in progress. It helps lift my spirits. Also, I can't keep my 'dancing' feet still, which means I get a workout too. Dancing in my conservatory reminds me of my carefree days of my youth. I'm a Granny to 4 and it's nice to nip back in time to my younger days. And music does that for me. Try it! It may just do the same for you too. A couple of my favourites being Enrique Englesias and Michael Bolton.

Try writing down a few of the things that make you smile. Perhaps try to do one or more of those things each day. Play music. Do a bit of yoga. Dance. Read a good book. Bake. Walk the dog.

Take time to count your Blessings every day. It helps life feel so much better. A friendly chat with a friend or neighbour while I'm out dog walking often lifts my spirits. Or, when I hear the birdsong...always makes me smile at the world. It's often the simple things in life that make us feel our happiest. Don't you agree?

I'm a camera-snapper when I'm out and about. Living by the sea, I get immense pleasure taking photos of something that makes me smile. It really is the simple things in life that can lift our spirits and bring about a smile, or three.

Sharing my cocker spaniels enjoying a paddle at the Breakwater Beach.

I love to light scenty candles too. Heaven's scents.

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Lastly, remember to be kind to YOU. It's nice to think of ourselves sometimes, and not just others in our busy lives. Take time for YOU. I remind myself to do just that; OFTEN! Gives me the Feel Good Factor...important during winter.


#ThursdayWisdom... Or just an Old Wives' Tale?

Is it an old wives' tale? 'Tis said that if a person is born in the evening, late evening that is, that they're NOT a morning person. How true is that, I wonder? Have your say in the comments box, below.

Well, I was born as the clock tower struck midnight...and I'm definitely NOT a morning person. Never have been, and never will be. During the winter months, in particular, I find it difficult to get out of bed mornings. Luckily, as the days get longer and we leave the dark, dismal days of winter behind us, and head into Spring, I find myself getting up quite early and without any real effort.

According to 'scientific proof' ~ I read today, the timing of your birth affects when you like to wake up. Mmm, mmm, what say you on the subject? Polite replies, please, in the comments below. Reason being, many of my readers/followers are under 18, in view of my Children's Books that I write. You can visit my Amazon Author Page, here or click The Adventures of Eric Seagull 'Storyteller' set in Brixham Bay, England

So, are you a night owl? An early, or late riser mornings? And does that tally with the time you were born?

I've certainly never been an early morning lark. Getting up before 8am is absolutely not natural to me.   I remember many years ago when I had to get up to go to work...placing my Big Ben alarm clock on a china saucer when I went to bed at night. The following morning ~ the noisy, clanging sounds of the clock leaping about on the saucer, and its loud ringing alarm, ensured I woke up on time, but, even that rowdy noise didn't make me get out of my cosy warm bed, though!

So...is it an old wives' tale? Or fact? Have your say, below. I'd love to hear from you.

#Scorpio ~ #Horoscope January 2017 ~ What MY Stars say...

Scorpios! That's me! Including the sting in the tail...at times!

Many of us read daily or monthly horoscopes...don't we? I do too!

Since Jonathan Cainer's passing, Oscar Cainer has taken over writing our daily horoscopes. I thought I would share what Oscar has to say today about we Scorpios (born between 24th October - November 22).

Do you take what astrologers have to say with a pinch of salt? Or, do you believe what the heavenly stars have in store? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments box, below.

Meanwhile, here's the year ahead 'scope for we Scorpios...2017 If you believe what Oscar Cainer has to say, that is.

"A WISE man once told me that, contrary to popular belief, money does grow on trees." Well, wouldn't that be marvellous if that were the case? says I! "It's just that it doesn't land in your lap like windfall apples. You have to pick it. Given that he spent much of his life as a fruit picker in exotic lands, he had plenty of experience to validate his theory."

Oscar went on to say, "I'm not here to say that you ought to trade in your current job to pick the kumquats  of Indo-china, or harvest melons on the African continent. But perhaps a change is needed to allow you to feel as if you're making the most of your opportunities."

Are you still with me, so far? Hope so, as there's much more... Well, it is a year's prediction, after all.

"Disruption is not an enviable gateway to chaos. Letting go of a way of life doesn't mean losing control of your destiny, and leaving your fortunes up to chance. This year (2017) Jupiter's adventurous spirit and pioneering urge for growth can drive a rebirth as you're recognised for being an influential and insightful communicator. It's opposition with Uranus can herald the breakthrough you have searched for in your working life. This, in turn, becomes the source of new power in your life."

And here's the final part by Oscar...

"Your voice will matter more, your input will be valued and your perspective sought. If you can control your deep instincts, listen to your heart and pursue your endeavours with the right intensity, there is no prize, financial or otherwise, that hangs on a branch beyond your reach."

Well, thank you Oscar Cainer. The New Year doesn't sound too bad at all. Does it?

So, dear readers, what say you? Polite answers only, please, in the comments below. Thank you!

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Oh, and buy a book while you're there... Happy New Year, have a Fabby 2017

My Light Bulb Moment #Libraries #Books #Child-of-the-fifties #Memories

First things first... Happy New Year, all! 'Tis 2017 already. Where has the time gone?

Time to put the Christmas hat away for another year (thank you Devon Pixels)

Balloons have finally deflated!

 And now...where was I? Oh yes... It's strange how heading into the New Year, 2017 already, that many of us briefly travel back in time. Or maybe it's an age thing. For I often time-travel back to my youth: in my head, of course! If only...I'd done this, that, differently! Mmm, mmm!

 Like most little girls, I was obsessed with dolls, prams, and dressing up in my nurse's uniform. And...making my mum drink tea from my pink plastic doll's tea-set. I watched, no stared, as she reluctantly sipped cold (real) tea from my little plastic cup. I remember it well. Sorry mum, if you're reading this from your final resting place in the sky. Must have tasted pretty awful. Not once did I drink it...

However, books...I loved listening to stories...looking at pop-up books... Can't beat the smell of an old book! A place a child can disappear into a magical world of make believe. And that's why I write children's books today.

One of my best memories, however, is the bumpy bus ride to our local library. My older brother took me to choose our library books each Saturday morning. I vividly recall John shoving me in through the door...the library seemed so big back then. A further shove on my little shoulder sent me in the direction of adventure books for five-year-olds. I remember John choosing Biggle's books, while my favourite authors were Enid Blyton. Lewis Carroll. Charles Dickens. I'm still fascinated by The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I remember my ole dad reading aloud the story about the little matchstick girl when I was only five or six. The story has stayed with me ever since. Memories of pastimes are so precious.

I was born in Somerset, England, and now I'm delighted to say I live by the sea, in Devon. I'm often asked where I go for my holiday... 'I'm on holiday every day' is my reply. The very same place I was inspired to write about a herring gull I called, Eric Seagull. You can visit my Amazon Author Page, here! The Adventures of Eric Seagull 'Storyteller' series

Have you ever had a Light Bulb Moment? Love to hear from you in the comments, below.