Thursday, July 28, 2016

Best No Sew, Laced Up Shoulder Tee.

I am constantly looking for ways to purpose leather lace, I bring a slight obsession amongst the stuff. I saw a shirt a spell agone amongst a laced upwards sleeve only it required sewing.  I practise non withdraw heed sewing, only non everyone has a sewing car too if you lot tin flame practise something that anyone tin flame practise amongst every bit picayune tools every bit possible, than to a greater extent than people could brand it.
 Anytime I come across something I desire to practise I try my best to practise it without sewing. (Kind of a challenge to myself.)  Also, this shirt is made amongst brass pins which are rust proof. I am certain you lot could stitch the hems downwardly if you lot experience the need. I am going to experiment without sewing.

Things You Need.
  • Shirt
  • Brass Pins *Walmart
  • Scissors
  • Leather lace or shoe strings. * Walmart or Michaels
  • Chalk or a Washable Marker
  • Cut off the collar.
  • Cut downwardly the altitude of the sleeve.
  • Mark how many pins you lot would like. I position 7 on each side. 
  • * Originally I had xiii on each side, that was agency also many.
  • Fold over your edges twice. This gives the pins to a greater extent than stability.
  • You could sew together this if you lot would like.
  • Cut the leather lace almost 48 inches long.
  • Set your pins on the altitude side of the fabric, using them to stand upwards for your hem down.
  • Lace upwards your leather,  alternating dorsum too forth similar you lot would locomote lacing upwards a shoe.
  • Tie a knot on the terminate of each leather lace.

  • Finished.
Have a Beautiful Day!

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