Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Best Summer Halter, No Sew Dress: DIY

I dear a elementary T-shirt dress.
This clothes is made from a XXL Tall Men's Tee 
in addition to requires no sewing.
 Wear it every bit a beach embrace up, or only a elementary trivial clothes that you lot could wear
 with some cute Converses or a pointy flat.
I made a quick video for it 
Want to know how tardily ?
Written instructions are below.

Things You Need

  • 2XL Tee
  • Scissors
  • Scrap Tee

Mark in addition to cutting the Tee Shirt Like a Capital M.
Cut the hem off of the Scrap tee. Be careful non to cutting the Seam.
Tie the cutting hem to a greater extent than or less your cervix
Tie the Back ii pieces to your cervix piece.
Tie the front end ii pieces to the front  cervix piece.

Completely Adjustable.
Have a Wonderful Day.
Lots of <3

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