Sunday, April 3, 2016

Best Leather, Bangle Bracelet, DIY

I dear to brand slow jewelry,  as well as working amongst leather is 1 of my favorite things. I was experimenting amongst some leather bangle bracelets over the final calendar week as well as came up 
amongst a few cute bangles that yous tin terminate brand yourself.
 This projection volition alone accept yous most hour
 to create your real ain arm party.
Things yous need.

  Leather cord
Cut the cord xv inches

 Cut a slice of wire most two as well as 1/2 inches

 Twist it approximately your pliers to brand a spiral.

Cute the destination of the leather into a point.

Slide the wire on.
 Double wind the cord into a circle.  I experimented amongst this a little. 
 Make the circle a piffling smaller than your wrist.
Make certain the cords are all straight, non twisted.
 Tie a knot approximately the cord making certain the destination of the cord is facing up.

Tie a knot on the other side.

 Trim the excess.
The cords volition tighten approximately your wrist similar a sideslip knot.
 You tin terminate add together charms


 OR wire, or any suits your fancy.
 Pair them upwards amongst other bracelets to plow over it an eclectic look.
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Lots of <3,

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