Thursday, January 28, 2016

Best Fox Tea Towel.

This cute footling Fox Tea towel volition entirely direct keep yous minutes.
 It is perfect for a hostess gift, vecino or that mortal yous actually wanted to hand something also simply didn't know what.

All yous ask is a couplet of Tea Towels about paint, in addition to footling glitter of course, 
in addition to yous direct keep a cute footling kitchen accessory.

Things yous need
  1. Cotton Tea Towels* Walmart inwards the Cross Stitch section.
  2. Stencil * I drew this one, simply at that topographic point are lots on the internet
  3. Tulip Fabric Paint
  4. Knife
  5. Glitter
  6. Stencil Pouncer
 Draw in addition to cutting out your Stencil using an X-acto knife.

 Fold your tea towel inwards one-half to respect the center.
 Once yous direct keep the center,  house your stencil inwards the middle of the tea towel.

 Put about gilded Tulip Fabric pigment on a newspaper plate
Put about pigment on your pouncer, 
Pounce the stencil until yous cash inwards one's chips the desired await yous want
 While the pigment is withal moisture sprinkle on  about of your gilded glitter.
 Let dry out completely nigh 12 hours.
Dot the olfactory organ amongst a footling dark pigment or a dark permanent mark for added special

Wrap upward in addition to hand a away or Hang inwards your favorite spot.
Have a wonderful Day!

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