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Best Braided Back Tee

Over the final duet of months I accept been posting a few posts that I did for the weblog called I Love to Create. I wanted to accept my projects hither as well as thence you lot could abide by them easily.
This was a post service I did final spring.
 I know it's mutual depression temperature exterior correct instantly but thoughts of warmer conditions are swirling or as well as thence in  my head
I accept seen as well as thence many braided dorsum shirts over the final twelvemonth or so,
I idea it would brand a cracking DIY.
Adding your ain piffling proverb on the front end of your shirt is merely some other way
 to brand the shirt personal merely for you.
You could habiliment it equally a beach comprehend upwards or habiliment it amongst a tank as well as jeans. 
Check out how I made this braided back, Stencil Tee.
Things You Need

Contact Paper
X-acto Knife
Piece of Cardboard
Straight Pins,or Safety Pins
Needle as well as Thread
 Cut your neckband inwards to a v shape,
for an off the shoulder look.
I used the program, Paint, on my computer
as well as typed The words that I wanted. Then printed them out,
covered them inwards contact paper,
as well as amongst an X-acto knife I cutting the words out.
 Place the Stencil on the front end of your shirt.
Put your cardboard inwards betwixt your shirt.
Use your pouncer as well as pounce Tulip Gold Fabric Paint over the stencil,
Then piece the pigment is yet moisture sprinkle  Tulip Gold glitter all over the paint.
Carefully withdraw your stencil. 
Let dry out completely earlier doing the adjacent steps.
On the dorsum of your shirt cutting out a department that looks similar the flick above.
 Then cutting that department inwards half,
 cut the one-half slice into 3 strips,
And the other one-half into 3 strips.
 I repeated those steps all the means down
you lot tin brand equally many braids equally you lot want. 
I made five.
 You mightiness accept to tweek the length of the braids earlier sewing,
(* H5N1 cracking tip: Use security pins as well as endeavor the shirt on.)
Once you lot accept made the adjustments you lot needed
 Sew the braids to the shirt amongst your needle as well as thread.

 I gathered the braids together inwards the middle 
as well as using a flake slice of t-shirt, I tied the braids together.

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I promise you lot all accept a Wonderful Day.
Now become as well as Create.
For to a greater extent than T-Shirt DIY caput on over to my
Lots of Love.

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