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Best Sugar Skull T-Shirt DIY.

 Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo has a novel business of Day of the Dead crafting amazingness! 
If you lot bring non seen it you lot bring to teach in addition to banking concern fit it out HERE.
When I saw this Fe on Skull applique I had to construct a Shirt. Not alone does Kathy designs her ain arts and crafts line, she runs a Blog a Youtube channel in addition to is a total fourth dimension Mother in addition to Wife. She is an inspiration to everyone unopen to her.  FYI, it's available at guide Michaels stores in addition to volition besides live able to lodge online through in addition to


Wash in addition to dry out the shirt.
I cutting the neckband off of my shirt only you lot could teach out it on if you lot want.
Place the shirt on a difficult surface in addition to hence house a slice of cardboard inwards betwixt the shirt.
Lay the skull applique down, plastic side facing up.
Place a cloth over the applique.
Iron over the applique for at to the lowest degree i minute.
Tip *I checked mine inwards the corner every hence often.
I had to teach over my applique a couplet of times to construct certain it adhered well.
 Carefully tegument off the plastic.

 Now let's construct him sparkle.
The best business office is you lot could role your imagination,
color him anyway you lot want.
Place Tulip Glitter Glue inwards dissimilar places 
in addition to hence sprinkled it amongst dissimilar colored Tulip Glitter.
Do i color at a fourth dimension
   I waited almost 10 min betwixt each color
 before I shook the glitter off.

 More Glue in addition to More Glitter.
 Let it dry out for almost an hr to allow the glitter laid up.
 Now let's add together a few sequins.
Use stuff fusion quick dry out gum in addition to house a pocket-sized amount on the dorsum side of a sequin,
 place the Sequins on the eyes in addition to teeth
Or pose them wherever you lot want.

 These Fabric markers yesteryear the Crafty Chica are hence bright in addition to hence slow to operate with, I honey them.
I used them to add together dissimilar colors where I did non desire glitter.

  Let your novel creation dry out over nighttime in addition to hence vesture it to display your craftiness.

 I tin hope you lot I volition live creating to a greater extent than fun projects 
amongst Kathy's Craft line inwards the weeks to come.
 Lots of <3,
For to a greater extent than of my DIY's
 head over to My

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