Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Best Glitter plaid

 I actually loved the await of causal plaid amongst Gold Glitter,
I saw this sequin plaid shirt on Pinterest together with I could non hold off to recreate my ain version.
 Below is my inspiration.
Now allow me demonstrate you lot how slow it is to simulate using Tulip Glitter and Glue

Things you lot Need
  1.  Plaid Shirt
  2. Tulip Gold Glitter Fabric Paint
  3. Tulip Gold Glitter
  4. Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond Glue
  5. Tape
  6. Brush
 Lay out the shirt facial expression upwards downwards together with set a slice of cardboard,
 or some aluminum foil or wax newspaper inward betwixt the shirt. 
This keeps it from haemorrhage to the other side.
 Squirt out the Fashion Glitter Glue on the piece of job past times panel of your shirt.
  Brush it out together with hence that it is fifty-fifty all over the panel.
 cover amongst Tulip Glitter
 Now record off the shirt.
 You could create this inward the cause if you lot wanted.
 Paint roughly the edges.
 and over the initiative of all glitter layer.
*Layering is the telephone substitution to this.
 Sprinkle to a greater extent than Glitter on the moisture paint. Let that educate most an hour. 
 Repeat  this footstep every bit many times every bit you lot want
 to cash inward one's chips it to the desired await you lot want.
 Once you lot accept the desired await you lot want, set a sparse layer of mucilage on piece of job past times of the glitter.
 This acts every bit a seal to continue all of your glitter from coming off.
* Glitter volition shed a piddling merely that is normal.
Remove the tape. 
 Let that dry out 24 hours.
Wait 48 to 72 hours earlier you lot wash.
 Wash it launder inward mutual frigidity H2O together with hang dry.
* Glitter volition shed a piddling merely that is normal.
 Front... Plain Plaid
 Back...Gold Bling.

I beloved how it turned out.
If you lot accept whatever questions delight Email me at
Have a Wonderful Tuesday.
Lots of <3,
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