Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Cinderella Bow Tank. DIY

 Cinderella in addition to all fourth dimension classic in addition to ane of my favorite Disney characters.
I bring a co.worker that has a bigger obsession for Cinderella than I do. 
We are losing Christy (my Co worker) to a advertisement in addition to the loss is in addition to therefore bittersweet.
Christy has been such a joy to travel alongside in addition to completed our squad perfectly. 
Anyone who industrial plant alongside people know it is really difficult to abide by that perfect mix of co-workers, that makes coming into travel an actual joy.
Once y'all abide by that perfect mix loosing it is in addition to therefore sad.
I decided to brand her a few going away gifts that revolved only about her all fourth dimension favorite Character.
We volition Miss y'all in addition to therefore much Christy but your whole life is inward front end of y'all in addition to the doors are opening, walking through them is a must.
Making personal gifts is ane of my Favorite things!
Make this cute Silhouette Cinderella tank inward no fourth dimension alongside the assistance of 
Tulip Colorshot instant stuff paint. This pigment drys inward nearly two hours in addition to is actually slow to use.
 With everything I bring going on at the minute in addition to the express fourth dimension I bring to practise it all 
this stuff is amazing.

Things You Need
Scrap shirt (Black)
Cutting board 

 Cut off the sleeves in addition to the neckband to brand your shirt to larn inward await similar a tank.
 Cut an two inch strip of stuff off the bottom of a dark shirt, this volition hold upward used for your bow.
You could too role a dark ribbon.
 Tie that to the dorsum of your shirt in addition to brand a pretty bow.
 Now lets pose Cinderella on this shirt.
 I flora a stencil on the interwebs in addition to I used my Stencil 101 technique to brand a homemade stencil.
Click HERE for the instructions for making your ain stencil.

 Place a slice of cardboard or a slice of aluminum foil inward betwixt your shirt.
 Place your stencil  inward the middle of your shirt. 
Place newspaper towels all only about your stencil to protect your shirt.

 Spray your shirt inward brusque burst.

 Let dry out for nearly two to iii hours.
When y'all wash, launder inward mutual frigidity H2O in addition to hang dry.

I promise y'all all abide by your Rainbows in addition to follow them.
Don't allow anyone always say y'all you can't practise it.
Lots of <3,
I too made a Cinderella Pillow using this same Technique 

 for instructions to brand it.

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