Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best No-Sew Multi-way, Summer Tank: DIY

This No Sew tank is similar to a twain of other no-sew tanks I convey done inwards the past, but  is designed as well as cutting differently as well as because I am completely obsessed alongside palm leaves correct straight off I experimented alongside a positive as well as negative design  which creates a shadow effect.  I am thinking my side past times side projection volition endure palm leaves inwards dissimilar vivid colors similar Hot Pink or Neon Blue.(80'sStyle)  I seriously LOVE this novel stuff Color Shot spray past times Tulip.  It has cutting my fourth dimension making stencil blueprint T-shirt inwards Half as well as alongside the express fourth dimension I convey that is a super large addition for me.
This shirt has already establish a novel home 
every bit i of my honey friends said she would love to convey it 
for her beach trip inwards July, so  good daytime bye shirt.
 Oh good I approximate I volition simply convey to brand some other i ;) .

Things y'all need.
T-shirt *this i is a XL Hanes Comfort Blend

First things first, lets cutting upwards our shirt into the shape.
Using a slice of chalk or a pencil draw this patten
front end as well as back

Cut on your lines.

Now y'all simply necktie the front end as well as the dorsum together.
Super slow right?

I brand a lot of the stencils that I role for my projects,
by as well as large because I never tin honour just what I am looking for.
 I did a quick tutorial on how I practice that 
On this projection I used both the positive as well as the negative stencil to give it a piddling shadow effect.
Tulip Color Shot minute Fabric pigment has seriously made my DIY life thus much easier.

I start placed the negative stencil downwards and 
I used the white Color Shot pigment and sprayed closed to the stencil. 
I did that all over the shirt.
Let that dry out completely almost an hour.
*Tape some newspaper closed to my positive stencil to block the over spray. 
 *Spray the  Color Shot Green thus become dorsum alongside the Neon green
 in the middle of your foliage to give it a piddling 3D effect.
 *Repeat that until y'all larn the await y'all desire.

Let dry out completely.
Then wear.
To launder this y'all should permit your pigment develop at to the lowest degree 24 hours.
 Wash inwards mutual frigidness H2O hang dry

This is a muli-way tank because y'all tin necktie this upwards as well as practice thus many dissimilar looks.
Here are simply a few ways I convey done it.

The Regular Tank
The Criss-Cross
The Front as well as Back Tie

How many looks tin y'all create?
I did a  similar tank for I Love To Create non to long ago.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

I am straight off off to take in my identify unit of measurement who are hither for my handsome Nephew's Graduation.
Congratulation Ethan nosotros are thus rattling proud of you!
Lots of <3,

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