Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Glitter Lamp Shades, DIY

If you lot stimulate got been next me I stimulate got been like shooting fish in a barrel re-decorating my Dining room, a full re-do. There comes a indicate when you lot actually require a picayune change. I know that alter is scary sometimes as well as making all of those unlike choices as well as decisions tin give notice locomote actually daunting....
"What pigment coloring exercise I want?, What slice of furniture exercise I want? How exercise I start?
  I propose most definitely to stimulate got that saltation as well as alter what you lot desire to change. 
Start amongst the large pieces starting fourth dimension similar furniture, as well as thus function your means downward from there.
Right right away I am on the terminal leg of my makeover, the finishing touches the picayune things that brand you lot grin when you lot hold off at them. That is my best advice to anyone, brand certain you lot seat you lot into a room your signature look, something that screams "This is me!"
I am Saving a picayune coin hither yesteryear taking  the light shades that I already stimulate got as well as I am sprucing them upwards a little, yesteryear adding that picayune touching on of whimsy as well as sparkle. I saw this visit on Pinterest and I visit how like shooting fish in a barrel this would locomote to re-create.
This is a super like shooting fish in a barrel DIY 1 that anyone tin give notice do, it but takes close an hr of your day.
Things you lot need

Lamp shades
Duck record or Painters record * Optional
Cookie sheet.
Clean cloth
First things starting fourth dimension if your light shades are muddy give them a proficient onetime fashion cleaning.
 Working amongst a dust costless surface is paramount.
Wipe amongst a construct clean cloth.
Take your record as well as take all of the dust that the fabric did non get.
Spend a picayune extra fourth dimension amongst this pace if you lot stimulate got to you lot volition locomote actually happy if you lot do.
Put Aleene's Turbo tacky  gum on the within of your light shade. 
The novel bottle pattern of this gum makes doing projects thus much faster, 
the gum is ever create for you lot to use, no waiting for it to come upwards downward to the tip.
Brush out  the gum evenly all over your light shade
Sprinkle glitter all over the glue.
Let dry out completely.
Shake off all of the extra glitter when your gum is dry.
Now house them dorsum on your chandelier.

I told you lot it was easy.
Having that extra sparkle makes me grin every fourth dimension I hold off at it, 
as well as that is what it  is all about.
Here is a link to Pinterest that volition give you lot other ideas
 on how to alter your light shades.
I volition exercise a post service shortly on My consummate dining room brand over thus rest tuned.
Have a beautiful Day.
Lots of <3,

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