Monday, April 6, 2015

Best All Seeing Eye Shirt,DIY

 I reckon these shirts everywhere in addition to I dearest them
therefore I decided to DIY my version of  it.

 Things y'all need

Parchment paper
Trash bag
X-acto knife
 Cut your shirt  similar the painting present above
*The forepart is cutting slightly dissimilar from the back.
 Cut the Back
 Cut apart where the 2 run into at the seem.
 Tie them
* This means y'all tin reach the sack suit alongside your body.

 I drew an oculus from the internet.
 Using my X-acto knife I cutting it out.
Place your garbage purse on your operate space
Lay your shirt down.
 Place your parchment newspaper betwixt the 2 layers of shirt.
 Tape off a triangle.
Tape off the  Rays coming from the triangle 
in addition to stripes.
Spray  your shirt.
 I used a picayune to a greater extent than spray or therefore edges.
 Let dry out for near eight hours therefore pare off your tape.

 Have a wonderful Monday.
Lots of <3.

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