Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Best Red Leather in addition to Rhinestone Bracelet, DIY

 Super tardily bracelet made alongside leather together with Rhinestones.
Things You Need.
  1. Scrap of leather non also thick. 1-1/2 inches  7-1/2 inches * Michaels
  2. X-acto Knife
  3. Rhinestone Studs or at Michaels
  4. Ruler. 
  5. Leather Hole Punch  * Walmart
Measure your leather 1-1/2 broad past times 7-1/2 long.
Cut your piece.
Using your Ruler equally a bespeak accept you lot x-acto knife together with cutting slits length wise 
leaving virtually 3/4 of an inch on each side.
Using your leather hole punch,
 punch ii holes on i end.
Insert your Rhinestone studs.
Turn over  add together your caps 
together with hammer lightly to secure the studs.
Cut ii slits at the other destination large plenty for the rhinestones to become through.
Happy DIY-ing!
Lots of <3,

Here are a few to a greater extent than bracelets I stimulate got made.
Links underneath the photo.

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