Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Glitter Lucky Shamrock Shirt, DIY.

 Glitter seems to brand everything only a niggling meliorate inwards my opinion. 
Here is a St. Paddy's Day shirt you lot tin forcefulness out brand yourself.
Grab a T-shirt some Tulip Glue as well as Glitter as well as brand your ain Lucky Shirt.

 Things you lot need
  1.  T-shirt
  2. Tulip Glitter Bond Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Green Glitter Fine as well as coarse * unlike shades of greenish as well as gold
  5. Shamrock stencil.
 I made my ain Stencil using  paper  as well as contact paper.
Trace your shamrock. 
Cover your newspaper alongside contact paper.
Cut out your stencil.
 Place your Stencil on your shirt.
 Tape it down.
Cover the within of the stencil alongside Tulip glitter bond glue.
Then sprinkle the whole matter alongside glitter.
Let dry out eight hours.
 Spell out Lucky alongside your glue.
 Cover alongside golden glitter.
Let dry.
 To brand your Shamrock Dimensional
Place to a greater extent than mucilage around the edges of your Shamrock
 and sprinkle alongside darker to a greater extent than coarse glitter.
 Let dry out for some other eight hours,
 Then I seat a lite coat of mucilage on tiptop of the glitter as well as allow dry.
The concluding coat of mucilage acts similar a seal.
*I cutting the neckband off my Shirt to become far an off the shoulder shirt 
but that is optional.

You tin forcefulness out produce as well as hence much alongside glitter as well as glue.
Have a wonderful week
Lots of <3,

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