Monday, November 24, 2014

Best Glitter Triangle Earrings, DIY

  Make unopen to sparkly earrings for the holidays.
 I desire to tell something well-nigh these unopen upward photos of my face.
 I woke upward this morn knowing I needed a few unopen up  photos of ME
 actually wearing the earrings I had made. All of you lot bloggers out at that spot know what a chore it is to larn a photograph of yourself, 1 that you lot do non loathe or critique to the signal that you lot tell "Just forget it!" I know similar me you lot Look at every scar, freckle in addition to inwards my representative wrinkles in addition to think
 "Oh my I direct maintain to Photoshop that!" 
    Being a 47 twelvemonth former blogger tin terminate hold upward daunting sometimes. I grapple amongst my historic catamenia similar everyone else in addition to taking unopen upward pictures outset affair when I wake up  is non my reckon of a wonderful morning. With that beingness said, this is who I am straight off in addition to this is what I hold back like.  It has taken many struggles for me to larn hither in addition to I am non going to apologize for my wrinkles, scars or anything else
OR Photoshop them out.  Not 1 wrinkle, freckle, scar, sagging turkey cervix was
  Photoshopped out of whatever of these photos.
 I am non a model or perfect past times whatever means.
 I am merely me doing what I dearest in addition to that is Creating, Loving in addition to Living.
 There has been a lot of verbalize well-nigh retouched photos and  Photoshopped photos, good the alone affair I changed inwards these photos was unopen to glitter that ended upward on my nose. 
I did Photoshop that out it was distracting to my earrings.

     I am on the other manus wearing a lilliputian makeup: Oil of Olay CC cream, lip balm, a lilliputian mascara,  in addition to a lilliputian highlight on my cheek bones. I didn't desire to completely scare you.

 But I promise that you lot all know that nosotros are all merely souls inwards a body,
 all struggling amongst daily life in addition to merely trying to succeed in addition to hold upward loved. 
If you lot always larn to come across me inwards individual I hold back merely similar these photos
 and I am non ashamed of anything.
I am merely me.
Now lets larn brand unopen to earrings!

Things you lot need.
  1. Leather scraps
  2. Scissors
  3. Glitter
  4. Earring postal service in addition to Backs
  5. Aleene's tacky glue 
  6. Aleene's bond glue
 Mark in addition to Cut your leather into 2 triangles.

 Cover amongst glue.
 Coat amongst glitter.
 Let dry out in addition to repeat.
 When they are dry out comprehend amongst a affair layer of glue.
allow that dry out 2 hours.
 Put a drib of bond gum on the dorsum in addition to add together your postal service in addition to allow dry out over night.

  I did direct maintain pretty practiced lighting. I gear upward my photographic tv camera on the window ledge in addition to merely started snapping.
 Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving week. 
I am hoping to larn quite a few DIY postal service upward that I direct maintain been working on, 
along amongst eating a lot of yummy food.
Lots of <3 to you lot in addition to yours.

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