Monday, August 25, 2014

Best No-Sew, Criss-Cross tied, Sequin Tee.

I dear experimenting amongst unlike designs using t-shirts.
I wanted a 1 shoulder tied tee. Here is 1 amongst a slight twist.

Things you lot need

  1. T-shirt(This 1 is a large mens* I am 5'7", weight 138.)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tulip Sequins
  4. Tulip Glue

Cut your shirt.
Cut a similar a shot trace of piece of employment the middle of the side.
Cut them apart.
Tie the showtime strips closest to your cervix over your shoulder. I tied a bow.
Take the other strip house it nether your showtime tie.
Do the same amongst the back.
 Tie that inwards the back,
as well as then it is positioned correct at the dorsum of your neck.

 You could destination hither if you lot wanted or you lot could brand the bottom gathered.
Make a string cutting nigh a 1 inch chip from unopen to other t-shirt.

Stretch it out as well as it makes a long string.
Cut a small-scale hole inwards the bottom seam of your shirt.

Thread your string through using a security pivot as well as tie.

Now hither comes the fun part.
 Lets decorate this.
I am trying out Tulip Applique bond, exactly you lot could role whatever cloth glue. 
Here are a listing of bang-up glues for this.
Lay out your design.  I did a Sun ray design.
Let your imagination become wild.
Glue downward your sequins as well as allow them sit down for nigh 12 hours.
Wait 48 earlier you lot wash.
as well as I would hang dry.

Now you lot bring an edgy tee to article of apparel out.


Happy Monday.
Have fun creating!
Lots of <3,
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