Thursday, August 28, 2014

Best Gold Kiss Tee:DIY

 I bring made several of these Lip Tee's. I bring to acknowledge they are i of my favorite tee's to make.
It is a actually slow means to transform a uncomplicated tee into something of a statement.
This i has the warm, aureate feelings of Fall.

Things You Need.
  1. T-shirt * I used a Mens pocket-sized for this project. I wanted it to tally a footling tighter than my slouchy shirts.
  2. Scissors(optional)
  3. Tulip Fabric Glitter Spray
  4. Gold glitter.
  5. Lip Stencil 
  6. Clear Contact paper
  7. X-acto knife

Print out this lip.
 Cover the stencil inward Clear contact paper.
 With an x-acto knife cutting it out.
The contact newspaper volition larn far reusable.

I wanted to endeavor this Tulip Stencil Spray
Lightly spray the dorsum of your stencil
 *Blot off excess glue.
You tin exercise the projection alongside out it,
 although using this does brand your edges sharp.

 Place your stencil where yous desire it.
 Spray all over using your Tulip Glitter Fabric Spray
paying unopen attending to the edges.
 Sprinkle glitter all over the lip, the glitter volition stick to the stuff paint.
I repeated the spray/ glitter procedure three times.
 Peal off your stencil.
 Let dry out for almost 8 to 10 hours.
Wait 24 -48 lx minutes earlier yous wash.
When yous wash, wash  inward mutual depression temperature H2O together with hang dry.

 For a to a greater extent than slouchy await role your pair of scissors cutting off the collar.
Blowing yous all a Big Gold Kiss.
Have a fabulous day.
Lots of <3

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