Saturday, August 9, 2014

Best Expandable Wire Bangle With Charm, DIY

I dear the simplicity of wire bangles. I saw a few over the final week
 and I decided that I could brand some.

This bracelet by  Alex together with Ani
damage $98.00. 

Mine damage almost $3.00 to brand alongside Silver wire.

Things y'all need

  1. Wire fourteen approximate together with twenty gauge
  2. Medium boundary rings.
  3. Bead
  4. Pliers
 This wire I bought at Michaels for almost $13.00
First cutting your wire almost xv inches long. * I did non straighten out my wire because it was already inwards the circle shape. I eyeball a lot of things together with thence I only made certain the wire made ii circles.
Take your pliers together with curvature each halt inwards a xc score angle.
Wrap each halt three times roughly the wire. 
Cut the excess wire together with hold out your pliers to curvature the halt down.
Adjust to stand upward for whatsoever wrist.
Or Small
To brand the wrapped skull bead to hang off of your bangle,
Cut a length of twenty approximate wire almost seven inches long together with thread it through your bead.
Using your pliers curvature the halt into a circle.
Wrap your wire roughly your skull several fourth dimension until y'all larn to the end.
Wrap the halt of the wire roughly the circle y'all made to secure it. 
Cut whatsoever excess together with curvature the halt down.
You tin twine together with form of bead to brand a charm.
With both of your pliers opened upward your boundary ring.
Attach the bead to the bracelet.

Make a whole bunch together with add together dissimilar charms to them.

Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of <3,
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