Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best One Shoulder, Double Tied, No Sew Tee Shirt: DIY.

What a natural language twister. I sat at my estimator for a minute 
in addition to tried to intend of an easier caption merely zilch fit.
I am forever trying to re-invent the evidently one-time t-shirt.
 I accept oft said to myself "Why am I e'er trying to alter a t-shirt.?"
I intend the primary argue is because a t-shirt is in addition to then accessible in addition to everyone  has one. 
Another argue is because nosotros lived on a rattling express income when I was a immature woman raise and  I was e'er trying to discovery ways to spiff upwardly my evidently wardrobe  super quick
 and  for every bit niggling coin every bit possible.
So my obsession for t-shirt reconstruction was born.
Now hither is 1 more.

Things yous need.
  1.  T-shirt this is a mens large ( I am 5'7 in addition to 140 pounds)
  2. Scissors
  3. Small security pivot or Bobby pin
 Cut your shirt nether 1 arm curving upwardly the the collar.
Cut off the sleeve.
Cut the ii pieces apart.

Cut the downwardly the middle of the shoulder.
*cut the front end ii pieces of your shirt four inches longer than the dorsum ii pieces.

Cut an extra strip of t-shirt 1 inch broad in addition to nearly 24 inches long.
 Stretch it out to brand a long flexible string.

Cut a pocket-sized slit inwards the bottom hem of your shirt.
Tie your string to a bobby pivot or a security pin, in addition to thread it through the channel.

 Tie your front end ii pieces inwards a double  knot.
* operate amongst it to choke inwards await the means yous want.
Connect the ii pieces to the dorsum ii pieces.
necktie inwards a bow, knot or withal yous want.

 I permit 1 of the ties skid downwardly closed to my shoulder.
Wear amongst jeans, skirts, shorts, a bathing conform or any your niggling take in desires.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Lots of <3.
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