Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best T-Shirt Skirt alongside Sequin Trim, DIY

Over the side past times side span of Weeks I am going to hold upwardly re-posting
some of the projection that I bring done over the concluding twelvemonth for other blogs,
simply inwards example you lot mightiness bring missed them:)

 This re-style is something that I bring been receiving a lot of emails about. 
"Please brand to a greater extent than Skirts made from T-shirts."
So I created this quick skirt that didn't toll a fortune,
 and that could also hold upwardly something you lot could clothing upwardly or down.
Who doesn't similar a behaviour upon of sparkle?

Things you lot need.
  1. T-shirt * mine was a Medium Mens
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Ribbon or shoestring  48 inches
  5. Sequin ribbon * Wal-mart
  6. Needle in addition to thread

 Fold your shirt inwards half,
 Tape correct nether the arms
 Cut guide across the tiptop of the tape.
The record simply helps me cutting a guide line.
Where you lot cutting your skirt, plication it downward i inch in addition to Fe flat.
Then stitch a guide business all the agency around.
 I establish a  dark shoe string,
 but you lot could role a ribbon or anything you lot desire really.
 Cut a pocket-size slit inwards the front end middle of the channel that you lot sewed.
 Thread your Ribbon/String through the channel.
 you could cease hither if you lot want, but I didn't desire to.

I mitt sewed the sequin ribbon all the agency around the bottom of my skirt. 
It took me well-nigh 45 minutes.

Have a wonderful day!
For to a greater extent than fun T-shirt DIY,
 head on over to
My Pinterest Page
 Lots of <3.

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