Saturday, March 8, 2014

Best Knot Necklace DIY.

 I needed a necklace for an outfit ASAP,
 so I institute ane of my chains too made ane inwards minutes.

this Necklace cost  $68.00

 Things you lot need 
 48 inches of chain.

Place the chain closed to your neck.
 I made mine slightly uneven at the bottom, simply that is exclusively a personal decision.

Decide how high or depression you lot desire the knot
too hence necktie the 2 ends into a knot.

Place over your caput too you lot convey an instant necklace. 
You tin sack live all unlike sizes of chain, 
pocket-size or large.

or combine 2 unlike chains.
Necklace  terms almost $2.00:)

Have a wonderful Weekend.
Lots of <3,

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